The fertile Bekaa valley runs between two mountain ranges ; the Mount Lebanon & the AntiLebanon Mountains. 

The soil structure of this wine region consists on clay, limestone & stone soil. These favorable factors assembled with a temperate climate, warm summers, cold nights & sufficient rainfall, create the perfect circumstances for the ripening of the grapes. 

Lebanon counts multiple grape varieties among which are famous ; chardonnay, clairette & sauvignon blanc for the white wines. Other varieties such as obeidah for example are specific to Lebanon For the red & rosé wines the main cepages are cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, carignan, cinsault, merlot, syrah, grenache, tempranillo, etc..





Spirit of Lebanon, traditionally made of fermented grape must en distilled to eau-devie enriched with anise seeds. Aged in clay jars the pure version contains 40-50 percent alcohol. The taste is similar to ouzo, raki or pastis but does not contain licorice. Arak is served diluted with water & ice and is especially appreciated with mezze or just consumed as an aperitif or alcohol digestive.